Good sober morning

I really don’t understand, how people manage to wish Good Morning.

My mornings are often sober, especially since lock down begun in 2020. Firstly it gets late 2 or 3 am to catch sleep and then early morning, the sound of utensils from the kitchen ends the heavy sleep mode and switches to a half sleep mode. The half sleep me then blindly navigates all the way to the toilet. Its hardly a few times i remember seeing my brush and paste properly in the morning. I remember lately after 4 months I realized that the paste I use is actually a mint flavor, that too on a relaxed Sunday I was kind of tasting it after waking up from a really long sleep. Long sleeps in life are rare & expensive as Beluga sturgeon caviar. I wonder the mint in the paste really doesn’t help to get the day started. Then a strong ilachi (cardamom) and adrak (ginger) mixed tea from mom works to some extent. Open the laptop and check for mails.

I am an IT guy. Life really aint that easy for us. Its metaphorically like even if it rains in Bora-bora , we are held responsible for. (Nantekotta **exclaiming in Japanese**.) At times we hardly catch sleep at 2 and there comes an alert that something is down and that officially keeps us awake until it gets resolved and then when we see the time its 11 a.m. in the morning, then its like fuck sleep fuck life fuck everything.

In many cases, if you are going through a heartbreak or some kind of depression, every morning is sober at its best. All night goes in calculating and thinking with your what-ifs and by the time you hit the bed, birds start chirping. The moment you wake up, again “what if i was happier ? ” mode on. For the kids who are studying, mornings are mostly sober as fuck. They have mind programmed for studies, exams and facing their teachers for not doing home-works.

Its so contradictory that mornings are generally depicted as one of the most exciting period of the day in televisions and ads. Its the most “low on energy” time of the day for many of them, including me. When someone wishes me Good Morning, the first thing that pops up my head is, “Dude, what’s so good about this morning ?” Maybe I am a laid-back lazy-bone. There was a time when i used to work out, still i found morning fucked up. What pumped me up was the exercise and not the morning lol.

What do you think about mornings ? Comment section is open for all and I would love to hear it from ya’all.

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